Songbird for Mac

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  • In English
  • V 2.2.0
  • 3.3


Powerful audio player and manager with support for plug-ins

Songbird is an open-source music player and organizer with which you can manage, play and discover music.

It's free, cross-platform and highly customizable thanks to a wide variety of plug-ins and can be improved and extended by the contribution of its user community. The first thing you'll notice about Songbird is its resemblance to the iTunes interface, which means that if you've ever used iTunes you won't have any problem in learning how to use Songbird.

Songbird automatically imports your music files from a selected folder, monitors that folder for future music additions, organizes your music in a handy, easily browsable catalog, is compatible with iTunes and libraries, can be controlled from any other app thanks to global hotkeys and also supports scrobbling. It also includes album art and a simple equalizer.

Songbird is such a complete tool that's hard to find negative sides to it. Plus there's an army of developers constantly working on improvements and new features. The only thing that's missing is support for podcasts. It should also be noted that with each new release of Songbird, your plugins may be broken by the new release.

Songbird is a complete, full-featured music player and organizer with support for plug-ins and an extensive user community.

Songbird plays the Web. Play any MP3 on the Web without leaving the page. Songbird can view Web pages as dynamic playlists that it can play, save, or automatically download every day.

Songbird plays your music too. Songbird has all the features you expect in a desktop media player. And Songbird constantly improves. Like Firefox, Songbird's features may be improved with user installed and contributed cross-platform extensions.

Soon, Web page authors will be able to publish playlists and transfer MP3s into Songbird to build digital music stores like eMusic, music subscription services like Yahoo! Music Unlimited, virtual jamming services like Ninjam, playlist sharing services like WebJay and more.

Songbird can do everything you'd expect a media player to do. Play music from your computer, as well as from the Web in one integrated user experience. If you run a music service, you can leverage Songbird's APIs to create deeply integrated stores and user features.

Songbird Features:

Play Anything

MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA, and more. Can you teach Songbird to sing?

Pick Feathers

Choose from the two included themes: Rubber Ducky or Cardinal Red. You can even make one yourself.

Control the Flow

Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Volume, Mute, Seek, Three Repeat Modes, and Shuffle.


Quickly switch between tasks using the buttons to the right of the dashboard display.

Organize Your Library

Filter your collection by Genre, Artist, Album, and Song or Search-As-You-Type.

Scan Your Computer for Music

Songbird will find your music and add it to your collection for you.

Super Slim Mini-Mode

Use the mini-mode for basic controls while keeping Songbird out of the way.

Multi-Language Support

Songbird comes in dozens of languages.

Build Custom Mixes

Drag-and-drop songs from the Library or another playlist to your create your own custom mixes.

Make Smart Mixes

Criteria-based playlists that are always up-to-date with your current collection.

Dynamic Mixes

Get mixes from the Internet and stay up-to-date with the latest updates, downloads, and casts.

Play In Place

Songbird plays MP3s without leaving the page.

Play the Web

Play web pages as playlists and view any web page as a playlist.

Set Music Watch Folders

Tell Songbird to watch a folder for new music and it will automatically add new tracks to your collection

Integrated Web Search

Search the web from the context of your collection or tell Songbird to search on the currently playing track.

Songbird Extensions

Coming soon! Have an idea for an extension?


Coming soon on Mac OS X, Linux and more.

CD Import and Burn

Coming soon!

XUL Rules

Build deeply integrated web stores into Songbird with Mozilla XUL.

Songbird JS API

Create, populate and play a playlist and much more from your Web site.


  • Easy to use, especially for iTunes users
  • Organizes your music in a handy catalog
  • Downloads album art
  • Support for global hotkeys
  • Monitors music folder to keep your library updated


  • No support for podcasts
  • Each new release can break add-ons

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Songbird for Mac

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.2.0
  • 3.3


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