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"A Lot Of Untapped Potential"

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  • 8.0
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Songbird was supposed to be the Firefox of Audio Players but is has a lot of untapped potential. Some of it has to do with lack of add-on support and the fact while it's basic jukebox audio player is nice, it does lack out of the box features already implimented in similar audio players such as MediaMonkey.

The downsides to Songbird is the fact while it does have add-ons and themes they are just too basic and the Songbird is just too limited feature wise out of the box to compete with other alternatives such as MediaMonkey.

I recommend everyone keep trying Songbird just simply to see if it ever reaches it's potential and truly becomes the Firefox of Audio Players. Until then your better off sticking to programs like MediaMonkey

  • Customizable
  • Add-ons And Skins
  • Free
  • Limited Basic Features
  • Unstable At Times

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31 Jul 2010

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